Hervé Falciani

Hervé Falciani is a computer engineer who discovered a huge amount of tax fraud cases to national treasuries while he was an employee at the central office of HSBC in Switzerland.

Falciani recorded 130,000 bank accounts out of which18,000 correspond to customer accounts of French, Italian and Spanish, both from individuals and companies.

The Swiss government has requested Spain to extradite Falciani, they want to prosecute him for stealing confidential information of HSBC costumers.

Latest Updates:

The Falciani case has been manipulated” French lawyer for Falciani says:


Hervé Falciani awaits outcome of legal tussle between Spain and Switzerland over his role in exposing potential tax cheats (With a mention to our petition)

Falciani just gave an exclusive interview to “El Pais” (Spanish newspaper) Ex-HSBC worker says US told him to flee to Spain

Hervé Falciani dit que sa vie était en danger

Full interview in spanish: 

Hervé Falciani: “Estados Unidos me avisó: Ve a España, tu vida corre peligro”

Last week’s developments about Falciani’s court case in 4 languages:

Hervé Falciani stated in court (under oath) that he never tried to sell the data or take any sort of benefit for himself out of this information, he claims he does this because he feels it is his responsibility as a citizen.

If you want to prevent other people from being treated as mere criminals instead of being protected, please sign the petition HERE


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