Join us!


Since you landed in this page it means that you are interested in lending a hand to this initiative.

First of all thank you very much for your support.

There are many ways to helpTransparencyNow! EU:

First of all by signing and sharing the petition, we have the texts available in several languages:

– – English – – Castellano – –  Italiano – – Portugues – –

– – Ελληνικά – – Deutsch – –

Please follow us in Twitter 

and also like our Facebook Page

You can share these links with your contacts so that more and more people know about TransparencyNow! EU

You could also publish entries in your own blog about this initiative and send these news to your local media.

We need to gather all news related to tax evasion issues (specially where public employees are involved) and we would like to know whenever the EUROPEAN TRANSPARENCY INITIATIVE has been featured in the news.

You could also help us translating the petition, please use the Other languages form to submit your contributions.

If you are visiting this page from outside Europe, we would like to ask you to start a petition in your own country, we can help you with that, please send an email to: TransparencyNowEU [at] gmail [dot] com

The EUROPEAN TRANSPARENCY INITIATIVE belongs to all of us, therefore anything that you can do to promote this idea represents a huge contribution to the citizenry of Europe.

Thank you!!


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